The whisper of three generations

At the heart of Elogio Premium resounds the committed echo of three generations of the Noguera Martínez family. This legacy is forged by the dedication of grandfather Manuel, the perseverance of his son Celedonio and the future vision of his grandsons, Celedonio and Ángel Noguera Martínez. Decades of silent, dedicated effort connected to the world of the olive grove are intertwined from Pozo Alcón, in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park.

These producers have devoted their lives to the cultivation of mountain olive groves, living, feeling and experimenting to create the best extra virgin olive oils. From this unique corner, they proudly bottle the reward of their work under the distinguished Elogio brand.

Every drop reveals the richness of a tradition that is not only inherited, but perfected. Welcome to our table, where family heritage becomes the art of exceptional EVOO, perfected over generations to delight your senses.

High Mountain Olive Grove

In the heart of the Natural Park

Elogio was born in the special spot of Paraje de las Hoyas, in Pozo Alcón, within the Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park, the largest protected natural area in Spain and part of Europe.

In this exceptional territory, where the orography, climate and wealth of fauna and vegetation intertwine in a beautiful and complex way, we produce extra virgin olive oils with optimum qualities and exceptional sensory notes.

Cultivating mountain olive groves in this unique environment requires wisdom, sacrifice and patience. However, the rewards are immense. Our prize, with its unique flavour and characteristics, translates into oils with original, differentiated and genuine profiles compared to others on the market.

Premium Praise

Excellence in every drop

Elogio is more than an extra virgin olive oil, it is the manifestation of excellence. Early harvest EVOO and picual variety, its unique and differentiating connotations emerge from the careful cultivation in mountain olive groves.

When tasted, our oil reveals more intense and refined organoleptic characteristics, while, in terms of health, it raises the levels of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Coming from an environment where olives grow slowly and under a unique climate, Elogio Premium oils concentrate an unequalled essence.

This effort translates into a marked premium character, where the virtues of the Picual variety EVOO reach their maximum splendour.

Premium Praise

Small details that create a unique EVOO

Why Elogio Premium?

  • Exceptional Early Harvest: Our commitment to early harvest guarantees an EVOO of the highest quality and freshness.
    Sourced from High
  • Mountain: The unique altitude of our olive groves in the Sierra de Cazorla brings a distinctive character to our oil.
  • Direct Producers: From the olive grove to your home, we control every stage, ensuring maximum authenticity and purity.